With the days becoming shorter, the temperature gradually dropping, and the leaves falling from the trees, autumn is a perfect time to begin preparing your home for the cooler months ahead. An important home maintenance task for the fall season is clearing away the debris that collects in your gutters. So they function properly throughout the season, you should make sure that your gutters are clean and not backed up with leaves and dirt that prevent them from effectively doing their job. In this article, we explain the reasons why cleaning gutters in fall should be a priority for you this season.

1. Leaves Falling

Leaves falling combined with autumn breezes can send leaves right into your gutters, even if there are no trees directly overhead. Gutters that are not cleared regularly may have an accumulation of old leaves, twigs, and tree nuts from previous seasons. This is a good time to get in there and make sure this fall’s leaves do not add to an ongoing problem.

2. Preparation for Heavy Rains

In many parts of the country, the fall season brings rainy days, falling leaves, and strong winds. Your gutter systems help to drain water away from your home toward the ground so that it does not pool on the roof or foundation or seep down the siding, wearing it down. Cleaning gutters in fall helps to clear debris and dirt away to help the water flow more fluidly and efficiently away from your home.

3. Cleaning Gutters in Fall to Prepare for Winter

The cold of winter brings its own unique set of challenges. Your gutters may end up freezing over with ice that may cause damages like getting weighed down and becoming detached from the roof. You can minimize this risk by making sure the gutters are clear before the first freeze happens. Remove leaves, acorns, sticks, and debris so that any precipitation can flow without restriction through your gutters. Gutter cleaning in fall usually solves this issue before it is ever a problem.

4. Prevent More Extensive Damage To Your Home

Gutters that are overrun with debris can become a hazard to your home. The backflow of water from clogged gutters can cause water and mold damage to your roof and lead to water leaking into your home. This makes gutter cleaning in fall a priority since a small problem ignored over time can become a big one. Purchasing leaf guards for your gutters helps but does not eliminate the need for cleaning gutters in fall and detailed maintenance altogether.

Gutter cleaning at the right times of year can save you money and hassle. If it seems a dangerous and daunting task to mount a ladder and do this job yourself, consider hiring a professional who has the proper equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Whether you choose to take on the task yourself or hire a professional to help, be sure to put gutter cleaning in fall on your list of seasonal home maintenance tasks.

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