The hoilday season can be both exciting and stressful. The falling snow outside, family get-togethers, and home cooking help create memories for years to come. However, during the holidays, it is important to be proactive in regards to fire protection.

House fires become more of a risk during the holidays. Here are five fire safety tips for the holidays that will help keep your family and guests safe.

Double Check Smoke Alarms

Every floor of your home should have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, including the garage. This safety tip is essential throughout the year, but should not be double-checked during the holiday season.

From decorations and candles placed around the room and an increased volume in cooking, your home could be at a higher risk for a fire. If a fire were to occur, an alarm alerts you so you can exit your home quickly and safely.

Inspect Lighting

Many of us love the bright lights during the holiday season, but make sure you are using them carefully. Before you hang any string lights, sift through them and look for any frayed wires or broken sockets.

Make sure not to plug too many things into one electrical outlet. Most residential electrical circuits can handle 15-20 amps, or 1800-2400 watts. If you like to supplement your holiday lighting with candles, choose enclosed candle holders or opt for battery-powered ones for safety.

Flammable Items

One of the fire safety tips for the holidays is to be aware of items that could easily catch fire. Most of us enjoy placing candles around the home and having a fireplace lit during the holidays. Unfortunately, many holiday decorations are flammable, so make sure they are not anywhere near a fire or heat source.

Never hang stockings directly over the fireplace, or a fire could start quickly. Finally, don’t forget the tree. Holiday trees need to be adequately hydrated. A dried out tree can catch on fire easily.

Clean The Chimney

A clean chimney is essential for a safe fireplace. Excess soot that builds up in the chimney can create a fire hazard, so don’t wait to get it cleaned. Having the chimney swept is one of the fire safety tips for the holidays that is often ignored. Contact a chimney professional before the holiday season.

Holiday Cooking

The amount of cooking increases during this time of the year. From the 15-pound turkey to grandma’s pumpkin pie, ovens and stoves are under a heavier load than usual. It can be easy to forget something on the burner with everything we are cooking. Ask a friend to help with the holiday preparations and never leave the kitchen unattended while cooking.

Best Fire Safety Tips For The Holidays

Use common sense and be proactive this holiday season. This time of the year is fun for everyone, but fires are more common. You’ll have a better holiday when you have taken the necessary steps to keep your family safe.

Home Patrol Inspection Services wishes you a safe and happy holiday season!